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Trust within Organizations

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01.08.2009 -

While the group’s research contribute to trust theory, the findings are shared beyond academia influencing workplace practices in managing trust. The group contributes to continuing and degree education, and workplace training. The UEF trust research group aims to raise awareness of the important role trus plays in workplace relationships, organizational leadership and performance. The qualitative data gathered from multiple sources in workplaces makes it possible to produce insights into further research as well as provide knowledge to work organizations practices for understanding how trust is built, maintained and restored in work relationships. The group has published a large number of scientific articles, conference papers, and professional articles for work life,and Doctoral & Master’s Theses. More specifically, the research group collaborates with international partners and networks; in the Nordic context, within a network of four countries where themes under plan and study include broader patterns of relational leadership and trust. The main question is how relational and contextual aspects of leadership in the Nordic countries influence and are influenced by trust. A comparative cross-cultural perspective may reveal, e.g, how trust in leaders develop in the Nordic countries contexts. Moreover, in Asian context, research collaboration involves two partners in South Korea; Ajou University with the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Business, Psychology and Global Management in the School of Business where the bilateral Doctoral Dual Degree Program exists, and Kyungbook National University(KNU), School of Business Admistration in Daegu.



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