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Data Literacy for Responsible Decision-Making (DATALIT)

The project investigates use of data as well as development and use of new tools for data-based decision-making in social and healthcare public organizations. The project examines current practices and development projects, as well as their institutional and societal implications and impacts. One of the starting points is to study and evaluate especially the possibilities of using tools and models, which are not based on profiling individuals. A central goal is to identify criteria for socially sustainable uses of data rather than provision of a list of general ethical principles.

The project is a part of DataLit consortium coordinated by the University of Helsinki. The multidisciplinary consortium combines social sciences, law and computer science. The aim of the project is to develop understandable and reliable practices and tools, which can utilise Finnish social, healthcare and well-being data and promote data literacy.

Funded by: Strategic Research Council 10/2020-9/2023