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Isabel  Muñoz Hidalgo

Isabel Muñoz Hidalgo

University Teacher

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology | +358 50 477 9870

I am a forester (MSc in European Forestry & Forestry Engineer) working as a co-ordinator of the Bachelors’ degree in English Sustainable forest bioeconomy at the School of Forest Sciences. Other tasks include co-ordination of international exchange and teaching. My previous experience at UEF included building strong research & education collaborations in North and South America in the area of sustainable forest bioeconomy as well as designing and marketing of services for Global Education.

My previous studies & research focused on forest & energy policies, Corporate Responsibility and Social Safeguards under FLEGT VPA’s. I have over a decade of teaching experience (including: forestry, Spanish language & cultures, and drama)

I am highly interested in teaching, co-creation,  and involvement of different stakeholder groups including citizens to guarantee sustainable and responsible use of natural resources.