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Lasse  Eronen

Lasse Eronen

University Lecturer

Mathematics pedagogy, PhD

School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 572 8068


Title of Docent (Research in mathematics education)

I am Lasse Eronen, a Finnish researcher in mathematics education, with a wide range of studies, particularly focused on innovative learning environments, motivation, and sustainable development. My research has targeted various educational levels, ranging from primary school to university level. I am particularly interested in how the design of learning environments and teaching methods can impact students’ motivation and well-being. My research interests also include digitalization in mathematics education, and taking into account students’ emotions and opinions in mathematics teaching. I have researched, for example, the emotional reactions activated by mathematical problem-solving and how to facilitate these in teaching. (ChatGPT, based on 2020-2022 published articles)


Excellent Teaching Practitioner Award

Lasse Eronen: Eronen has years of experience in research-based development of teaching both in collaboration with his closest colleagues and across faculty boundaries. Eronen uses learning analytics to develop his teaching, and he has been in charge of developing self-assessment on the Arviointimaa (Reflection Landscape) platform. Besides utilising student feedback, he also involves students through Master’s theses dealing with the development of teaching. Research-based activities and sharing of practices are highlighted in Eronen’s teaching, and they also constitute part of transferable skills development. (UEF, 2023 Excellent Teaching Practitioner Award statement)


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