Senior Researcher

Senior researcher, title of docent (medication safety) and coordinator of Doctoral programme in Health Sciences

In my research, I have focused on medication safety and medication skills of nurses. I have analysed medication incidents from Finland, England and Wales in collaboration with King's College, London. In 2017-2020 I was working as a post doctoral researcher funded by Academy of Finland and I developed text mining method for analysing free text of medication related incident reports. I am responsible person of the MASI research project that is aiming to study and improve medication safety.

Contact info


Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing Science



+358 40 355 2614


Teaching Activities

Patient safety teaching and "Researcher path" for master student aiming to continue their post graduate studies. I am supervising also multiple master and doctoral theses.

Societal Activities

Contact person of the Doctoral programme in Health Sciences

Research groups and research projects

MASI - Medication Administration Safety and Interventions

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