Research Manager

I work as Research Manager at the Karelian Institute and as Coordinator of the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters Research Community (BOMOCULT RC).

I am a Human Geographer, D.Soc.Sci. My latest research interests focus on international migratory processes in Russia, and the earlier interests covered community and regional development related to restructuring processes of natural resource industries especially in North-West Russia and border regions. In addition, I do organizational tasks at the Karelian Institute including e.g. providing support for the Institute’s researchers and projects in their daily work, as well as communication and reporting tasks.

I work also as the Coordinator of the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters research community (BOMOCULT RC). This research community brings together research teams and scholars from the Karelian Institute, the Department of Social Sciences and the School of Historical and Geographical Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, as well as from the School of Humanities and the School of Theology at the Philosophical Faculty.

Contact info


Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Karelian Institute




+358 50 442 3347


Societal Activities

Finnish Association for Russian and East European Studies (FAREES), member of the board Commission on Finnish-Russian Scientific and Technological Cooperation, member of the Working Group on Social Sciences

Research groups and research projects

Research 'Migration Processes in Russia and Eurasia: Security on the Finnish-Russian and European Borders' (2016-2019) in the research consortium 'Multilayered Borders of Global Security', GLASE, funded by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland.

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