Senior Researcher

AKA: Mohammed Saqr
I had a PhD in learning analytics from Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden titled: Using learning analytics to understand and support collaborative learning. Before coming to UEF, I worked at Paris Descartes University center of research interdisciplinarity (CRI) on spatio-temporal network. My research interests are interdisciplinary including Analytics and big data in education, Network Science, Medicine, and Open science. My research in learning analytics focuses on social and temporal networks, process and sequence mining and temporal processes in general. I was awarded the innovation fellowship from University of Michigan, USA as well as the Swedish Research Council first learning analytics grant (as co-applicant): I got best papers awards as well as theatrical writing award of innovation. I am also an academic editor in leading academic publications.
I supervise topics related to learning analytics, data mining in education and technology enhanced learning in general. Social network analysis in education and other fields like organizations, communities and groups , social media and multimodal data. Topics related to science of science such as citation analysis, bibliometrics, and open science are also relevant. I am also interested in temporal aspect of human activities such as temporal aspects of learning, human interactions and growth of scientific research

Contact info


Faculty of Science and Forestry, School of Computing



+358 45 332 7735


Teaching Activities

Learning analytics course; Social Network analysis course, Philosophy of computer science