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Noora  Heiskanen

Noora Heiskanen

Senior Researcher

School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 413 0458

Noora studies themes related to special education, in particular early childhood special education (planning, documentation and evaluation of support, work of a special education teacher in early childhood education and care, behavior support, participation). Noora is an expert in early childhood special education and cooperates both nationally and internationally in research on the topic and has also extensively networked with societal actors. Noora’s duties include research, teaching, guidance and societal activities. In 2020-2021, Noora has led a large-scale national project to study support and inclusion practices in early childhood education and care commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture. At the moment, he leads the research project about administrative decisions on child’s support in early childhood education and care as well as Vaka-Tuvet project. In addition, Noora is a member of the Finnish Educational Society’s Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education (VAKAe) theme group and the editorial board of Barn – Forskning om barn og barndom i Norde. He is an alternate member of the Board of the Society for Childhood Studies. Noora has early childhood special education teacher qualification and she has worked in teaching positions in early childhood education, secondary education and university.


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