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Seita  Vesa

Seita Vesa

Deputy Head of Department


Professor, environmental law, especially sustainability transition
Research Professor (Finnish Environment Institute)

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 442 3430

Dr. Seita Vesa is a Professor of Environmental Law (especially sustainability transition) at the University of Eastern Finland Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL) and a Research Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute’s Climate Solutions Unit (SYKE).

Within the UEF Law School, Professor Vesa serves as both the Head of Research and the Head of the UEF Doctoral Programme in Law. Her extensive academic research portfolio encompasses a range of topics in international and EU environmental and climate law. This includes, i.e., the legal framework of the LULUCF and effort sharing sectors, renewable energy, forests and bioenergy, sustainability transitions, environmental protection, and Arctic environmental law. Her theoretically oriented research delves into the capacities of law in sustainability transition and decarbonisation, the evolution of EU climate law and its intersections with fields like environmental and energy law, and the nexus between law and science, emphasizing various aspects of legitimacy.

Actively involved in research projects, Professor Vesa is the vice-PI for SRC RELIEF from 2023 onwards. She also plays a significant role in the advancement of UEF’s strategic research, acting as the Vice Director for one of UEF RC’s initiatives, RESOURCE, which is dedicated to fostering a Sustainable Resource Society centered on Circular Economy, Energy, and Raw Materials.

Her teaching portfolio is primarily centered on EU environmental and climate law, and she supervises both PhD researchers and Master’s students. With her experience, she has been instrumental in the development and management of international Master’s programmes in law.

Beyond her academic endeavors, Professor Vesa has collaborated extensively on an international scale, encompassing research, teaching, and project work. She holds expert positions in different national and international working and steering groups and has received appointments to scientific evaluation panels. Furthermore, she offers her expertise as a consultant in environmental law.


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