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Law in Water and Environmental Governance

Research group


This research group is founded on a passion to explore, how environmental law and governance can transform human activity to a more sustainable path, helping us reach ambitious environmental objectives concerning the ecological status of waters. The core substantive themes of the group are water and environmental law, sustainable use of renewable natural resources, biodiversity and climate change adaptation. Cross-cutting themes include legal regulatory strategies, law in adaptive, collaborative and transformative governance, legal regulation of cumulative impacts, law and mitigation hierarchy, and science in legislative drafting and legal decision-making.

The research group collaborates with other UEF research groups, other Finnish universities, research institutes, and with leading researchers from other universities abroad. Currently, the scholars involved with the group are participating in and heading many research projects dealing with aquatic resources, including BlueAdapt funded by the Strategic Research Council of Finland and SusHydro funded by the Academy of Finland.