Tuuli  Pulkkinen

Tuuli Pulkkinen

Project Researcher

Project & Doctoral researcher in Tourism Business research group

PhD research topic: LGBTQ as a segment of inclusive tourism.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Business School

tuuli.pulkkinen@uef.fi | +358 50 359 8337

050 3598337
050 359 8337
+358 50 359 8337
+35850 359 8337
050 3598 337
+358 50 3598 337
+35850 3598 337
+358 50 3598337
+35850 3598337

I work as a project and doctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland’s Business School, under the Tourism Business research group. I have work experience both from practical tourism field as well as from research. Two of my most important interests in research and tourism in general are experience design and inclusive tourism. For inclusive tourism, I am especially interested about gender and sexual minority identities in tourism context, which is also the topic of my dissertation research. My love for experience design I get to express through teaching in the Tourism Marketing and Management master’s degree program, as well as in some project works.