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Tuulikki  Halla

Tuulikki Halla

Project Researcher

Doctoral Researcher, Doctoral Programme in Science, Forestry and Technology
Project Researcher, UNITE Flagship
MSocSc, Philosophy

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

I’m a doctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Forest Sciences. In my research, I study human-forest relationships (HFRs) of Finnish forest professionals. I explore how their HFRs are formed; how these HFRs affect to their professional identity and manifest in forest-related conflicts.

I also work as a Project Researcher in Academy of Finland’s UNITE Flagship Programme , in which we are using game-based technologies to explore people’s experiences of different and differently managed forest environments.

I’m chair of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club‘s board, the newly formed science club of the Finnish Society of Forest Science.


Apajalahti, E-L., Aula, I., Ek, T., Halla, T., Halonen, M., Houtbeckers, E., Kallio, E.K., Karhunkorva, R., Laine, J., Leiwo, L., Lummaa, K., Matilainen, A., Näyhä, A., Salmivuori, E., Seppä, T., Simkin J., Takala, T., 2022. Human Science Approaches and Parallel Future Pathways – A Review of Human-Forest Relationship Research (in Finnish). In: Paaskoski, L., Roiko-Jokela, H., Rikala, M. (eds.), Metsät ja tulevaisuus. Vuosilusto 14. Suomen Metsämuseo Lusto ja Metsähistorian Seura: Punkaharju, pp. 13-51.

Halla, T., Laine, J., 2022. To cut or not to cut – emotions and forest conflict in digital media. Journal of Rural Studies 94, 439–453.


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