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Medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis facilities

Research group
01.01.2010 -
School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences


Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis Laboratories offer a state-of-art facilities and equipment for the synthesis of novel drug candidates and their prodrugs. Novel drug molecules are designed in a collaboration with computer-aided drug designers (molecular modellers). The syntheses of new compounds follow the principles of green chemistry and sustainable development (e.g., utilization of microwave synthesizer). The novel compounds are purified by recrystallization or different chromatographic methods and they are structurally characterized by spectroscopic methods (NMR, MS). The researchers working in these facilities develop novel drug candidates in collaboration with other research groups at the University of Eastern Finland as well as with collaborators from other institutes nationally and internationally. We also educate primary student as well as postgradute students to different expert and research tasks of medicinal chemistry.