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Interdisciplinary research on microplastics: especially method development and qualitative and quantitative analysis of microplastics from environmental samples (SIB Labs), development of chemical analyses (Pharmacy), effects on aquatic organisms (Environmental and biosciences), and on human health (Pharmacy, Clinical Nutrition).

Microplastic research at UEF is based on strong microscopic and spectroscopic analysis, and we have world-class instrumentation for this research.
Together with SYKE, we formed a consortium that received the first funding for microplastic research from Academy of Finland (Microplastics in Finnish waters, MIF -project). Our research topics include microplastic identification and related method development (FTIR and Raman microspectroscopy) as well as chemical composition analyses (e.g. NMR, 2D-GC-MS).
Further research funding granted by Academy enables us to study the health risks caused by microplastics, as we will study effects of plastics and their additives using e.g. gut models (Direct microplastic exposure via foodstuff and food packaging, diMPex -project 2020-2024).

By determining the abundance, quantity, composition and sources of microplastics we are able to better evaluate their presence in the environment. This is important knowledge towards assessing the risks and effects of microplastics on aquatic organisms and human health.


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  • Jouni Sorvari
    Jouni Sorvari jouni.sorvari@uef.fi
  • Eila Torvinen
    Eila Torvinen eila.torvinen@uef.fi
  • Victor Carrasco-Navarro
    Victor Carrasco-Navarro victor.carrasco.navarro@uef.fi
  • Hani El-Nezami
    Hani El-Nezami hani.el-nezami@uef.fi


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