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SimuRNA Lab

Research group
01.01.2023 -
School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences


Introducing image of the groupSimuRNA Lab

RNA-Ago2-complex where the RNA atoms are shown as spheres and the protein as a ribbon. The colors of the protein display the different domains.

We study RNA-protein interactions using computational methods (docking, molecular dynamics simulations, MM-PBSA…). We are especially interested in argonaute (Ago) proteins which are the main proteins of the RNA induced silencing complex (RISC) and RNA induced activating complex (RITA). Ago2 is the most studied member of this protein family which forms the base of both the protein expression silencing and activating complex with a small RNA molecule (siRNA, saRNA). With the computational methods we aim to decipher how the RNA-Ago2 complexes differ structurally and dynamically so that they have the totally opposite effects on protein production.


  • Funding from Emil Aaltonen foundation

    PharmD Piia Bartos received 3-year project funding from the Emil Aaltonen foundation to study the differences of protein production inhibiting and…
    Funding from Emil Aaltonen foundation