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Vascular Biology (Laakkonen)

Research group
01.09.2019 -
A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences


Introducing image of the groupVascular Biology (Laakkonen)

From left to right: Miika Kiema, Emma Luoto, Heidi Pulkkinen, Henna Ilmonen and Johanna Laakkonen.

Our research group focuses on understanding vessel formation and remodelling in disease. Particularly, the role of cell-cell crosstalk, cell plasticity and angiocrine signaling are studied in disease progression. Based on the data, we develop new gene medicines for cardiovascular diseases.


  • Angiocrine signaling and vascular cell-cell crosstalk
  • Disease mechanisms of venous malformations
  • Disease mechanisms of ascending aortic aneurysms
  • New gene medicines




  • Prof., Chief Physician (neurosurgery) Juhana Frösen, TAYS

  • Vascular Anomaly Team of HUS

Cover image in Angiogenesis journal

Our cover image in a recent issue of Angiogenesis journal (y. 2021). In the image, you can see cells that have formed tubes (i.e. points of the star) mimicking blood vessel formation.



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