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Mikko  Vastaranta

Mikko Vastaranta


Digitalization and Knowledge Leadership in Forest-based Bioeconomy

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology | +358 50 512 7051

050 5127051
050 512 7051
+358 50 512 7051
+35850 512 7051
050 5127 051
+358 50 5127 051
+35850 5127 051
+358 50 5127051
+35850 5127051

Dr. Mikko Vastaranta is currently a professor in digitalization and knowledge leadership in forest-based bioeconomy in the School of Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. He received his M. Sc (2007) and PhD (2012) in forest resource science and technology from the University of Helsinki where he also holds an adjunct professorship of remote sensing of forests. He has worked as a research scientist in the centre of excellence in laser scanning research, university lecturer in forest planning (University of Helsinki), visiting research scientists in Pacific Forestry Centre (Canadian Forestry Service, Natural Resources Canada) and a visiting professor at Shinshu University (Japan). In his research, he is exploring nature-human-machine interactions using geoinformation science-based technologies and methods. Vastaranta has published more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles and his recent publications can be found on Google Scholar.


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