Yhteiskuntatieteellisen Biotaloustutkimuksen Verkosto (SOBIO)


Social Scientific Biosociety Research Network (SOBIO) is a social science focused, cross-sectoral and collaborative network to approach sustainable circular bioeconomy/society solutions.

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As a multidisciplinary research network SOBIO brings together researchers from several disciplines: environmental policy, human geography, forest sciences, social sciences and business studies.
SOBIO constitutes one of the research networks of UEF Bioeconomy Research Networks and it is a vital part of the LYY network: The Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY).

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Historia- ja maantieteiden laitos, Yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekunta

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SOBIO network coordinator:

PhD scholar Daniela Nousiainen (School of Forest Sciences)

PhD scholar Kaisa Vainio (School of Forest Sciences; human relalationships with nature, multispecies communities, local perspectives, land-use planning)

SOBIO Scientific Board:

Professor Irmeli Mustalahti (environmental policy; responsive natural resources governance; participation)

Professor Teppo Hujala (School of Forest Sciences; forest bioeconomy foresight; family forest owners’ decision-making; co-design of new businesses)

Research Scientist Henna Konu (Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE; tourism research and development projects, well-being and nature-based tourism)

Assistant Professor  Moritz Albrecht (bioeconomy assemblages, policy translation, relational environmental governance)

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