Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration and Early Onset Dementia

Research group

Director: Eino Solje, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Research Director, University of Eastern Finland
Partner in National FinFTD consortium

Research group has a wide expertise in clinical research as well as molecular genetics in early onset dementias, especially in FTD. During the last years, the main focus has been in the C9ORF72 repeat expansion-associated FTD.

We aim to identify and characterize novel diagnostic tools, imaging methods (TMS), biomarkers and etiological factors as well as the underlying pathogenesis of FTD and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Our research focuses also on psychiatric manifestations of the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD) and cognitive decline in psychiatric disorders.

Our major research areas are:

- Psychiatric manifestations in frontotemporal dementia
- Role and etiology of cognitive decline in psychiatric disorders
- Imaging and biomarkers in diagnostics and predicting the clinical course of frontotemporal dementia
- Genetics of frontotemporal dementia and other early onset dementias
- Neurophysiological tools and management for early diagnostics of FTD, including EEG, diagnostic TMS and tACS
- Co-morbidities and sosiodemographic alterations in neurodegenerative disorders
- Genetic ethics of dementia
- Law, criminal behavior & dementia


Main funder


Research group director

  • Eino Solje, Adjunct Professor, MD, PhD

Senior Investigators and Postdocs

  • Päivi Hartikainen, neurologist, Adjunct Professor, MD, PhD
  • Maija Pihlajamäki, neurologist, Adjunct Professor, MD, PhD
  • Heli Koivumaa-Honkanen, Professor of Psychiatry, MD, PhD
  • Sanna-Maria Nurmi, PhD
  • Kasper Katisko, MD, PhD
  • Antti Cajanus, MD, PhD

Doctoral Students

  • Sami Heikkinen, MD
  • Helmi Soppela, BM
  • Kaisa Näkki, LL.M
  • Tomi Hietanen, MSc
  • Ave Kivisild, MD

Undergraduate students

  • Titta Korhonen, BM
  • Meri Juslin, BM
  • Kaarlo Ylimäki, BM
  • Kalle Aho, BM


Group members - UEF

Other group members

  • Päivi Hartikainen
    Päivi Hartikainen
  • Maija Pihlajamäki
    Maija Pihlajamäki
  • Antti Cajanus
    Antti Cajanus
  • Helmi Soppela
    Helmi Soppela
  • Tomi Hietanen
    Tomi Hietanen
  • Titta Korhonen
    Titta Korhonen
  • Meri Juslin
    Meri Juslin
  • Sami Heikkinen
    Sami Heikkinen
  • Kaarlo Ylimäki
    Kaarlo Ylimäki
  • Kalle Aho
    Kalle Aho
  • Ave Kivisild
    Ave Kivisild

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