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Heart surgery imaging

Research group
01.01.2022 -
Institute of Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences


Group description

Teams and collaborators

Kuopio University Hospital
PO BOX 100, 70029 KYS, Finland
Heart Center, Heart and lung surgery

  • Marja Hedman, MD, professor, leader of the study
  • Annastiina Husso, MD, PhD, heart surgeon
  • Antti Valtola, MD, adj. professor, heart surgeon
  • Juhana Toimela, MD, PhD researcher
  • Tarmo Korpela, BMSc, PhD researcher
  • Iida Viitala, MD, PhD researcher
  • Lari Kujanen, BSc, study coordinator

Clinical Imaging Center
Clinical Radiology and Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Imaging

  • Petteri Kauhanen, MD, PhD, post doc researcher
  • Saara Sillanmäki, MD, PhD, post doc researcher
  • Line Lottonen-Raikaslehto, MD, PhD, post doc researcher
  • Minna Husso, MSc, PhD, hospital physicist
  • Elias Ylä-Herttuala, MSc, PhD, hospital physicist
  • Petri Saari, MD, PhD, vascular radiologist
  • Hanna Matikka, MSc, PhD, hospital physicist
  • Sami Väänänen, MSc, Phd, hospital physicist

Department of Anestesiology and Intensive care

  • Petri Toroi, BSc, study nurse
  • Maarit Lång, MD, PhD, clinical collaborator

University of Eastern Finland
PO BOX 1627, 70211 Kuopio, Finland

A.I.Virtanen Institute Molecular Sciences

  • Johanna Laakkonen, PhD, associate professor
  • Miika Kiema, MSc, doctoral researcher
  • Heta Rasinkangas, medical student, doctoral researcher
  • Akseli Kivistö-Rahnasto, medical student, researcher
  • Emma-Sofia Luoto, medical student, researcher
  • Suvi Jauhiainen, PhD, project researcher
  • Jussi Tohka, PhD, professor of biomedical image analysis

Department of Applied Physics

  • Jaakko Sarin, PhD, docent
  • Jari Torniainen, PhD, post doc researcher

Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
PO BOX 207, 40101 Jyväskylä, Finland
Industrial engineering

  • Matti Kurki, adjunct professor, principal researcher
  • Tero Tuovinen, adjunct professor, researcher
  • Tomi Nieminen, lector, researcher

Karolinska Institutet
17177 Stockholm, Sweden
Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

  • David Marlevi, MD, PhD, post doc researcher
  • Martin Ugander, MD, professor
  • Klara Blomdahl, MD, PhD researcher

University of Sydney

  • Martin Ugander, MD, professor

University of Haute-Alsace
Mulhouse, France

  • Frederic Heim, MS, professor


Aortic dilatation associates with flow displacement and increased circumferential wall shear stress in patients without aortic stenosis: A prospective clinical study

High prevelance of ascending aortic dilatation in a consecutive coronary CT angiography patient population

A smaller heart-aorta-angle associates with ascending aortic dilatation and increases wall shear stress

Pulmonary Artery Dilatation Is a Common Finding in a Coronary Artery CT Angiography Population

Excess of visceral adipose tissue with or without aortic elongation leads to a steeper  heart position

Wall Shear Stress Predicts Media Degeneration and Biomechanical Changes in Thoracic Aorta

Dilatation of the ascending aorta – Growth rate, risk factors and clinical outcomes in the long-term follow-up

Flow displacement and decreased wall shear stress might be associated with the growth rate of an ascending aortic dilatation