Research Director

Research director, 1.1.2019-, House of Effectiveness is a multidisciplinary forum that brings the University of Eastern Finland’s effectiveness research and education relating to welfare and health under one, virtual roof.

I have a background in social policy (PhD) and health policy (title of docent) with special interest in health and wellbeing inequalities, effectiveness, theoretical perspectives and methodologies in health and wellbeing promotion among socially disadvantaged groups. My research aims to provide new underestanding on the mechanisms of social inequalities in health and wellbeing as well as their individual, social and societal factors. I utilize in my teaching sociological and social epidemilogical and social policy perspectives to understand why individual's health and wellbeing in not entirely based on their own choice, but interacits with those structural conditions he or she is living and spending most of their life. These structural conditions determine what kind of choice options he or she has to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing as well as there structural conditions can be influence by social and health policies.

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Department of Social Sciences, Social Work



+358 50 323 4020


Teaching Activities

Effectiveness, promotion of health and wellbeing, research methods and experimental designs (Integration of social and health care, WELMA Doctoral School)

Research groups and research projects

Effectiveness of social and health services research community (EFFECTIVENESS RC)

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