Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research Group

Research group

Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research Group examines consumer behavior and business success factors in the marketplace. The research themes cover issues arising from a range of factors including product and service innovations, sustainability, bioeconomy, e-commerce, digital technology, data analytics, sensory marketing, brands, international markets, and entrepreneurial behavior. Quantitative market research serves as a cross-cutting theme for the research group. The purpose of the research group is to undertake impactful research in the marketing and consumer research domains, and transfer this knowledge to academic community and business practice.


Other funders

Academy of Finland

Business Finland

European Regional Development Fund

European Social Fund

Foundation for Economic Education


Group members - UEF

Other group members

  • Amelia Dash
    Amelia Dash
  • Timo Muhonen
    Timo Muhonen
  • Yuyu Wang
    Yuyu Wang
  • Jyri Hoffren
    Jyri Hoffren
  • Emma Savimäki
    Emma Savimäki

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