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02.08.2021 -

Research group

Our research group is focused on studying the mechanisms and drug targets in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, aiming to develop a disease-modifying therapy.

The current treatment of neurodegenerative diseases is mainly symptomatic and is based on replacing the depleted neurotransmitter levels. However, the neuronal death progresses and leads to more severe symptoms where current medications are powerless. Therefore, a disease-modifying therapy to stop or delay the disease progression is urgently needed.

There are several common toxic mechanisms among neurodegenerative diseases. Our aim is to find and identify drug targets that can be used to multitarget on several toxic mechanisms via one target. One such target is PREP enzyme that we have studied over a decade, and by using PREP inhibitors, we have gained excellent results in the models of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, and in multiple system atrophy.


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Academy of Finland

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Sigrid Juselius Foundation

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Business Finland

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Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation


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02.08.2021 -

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Other group members

  • Dr. Johanna Uhari-Väänänen
    Dr. Johanna Uhari-Väänänen johanna.uhari@helsinki.fi
  • M.Sc. Tony Eteläinen
    M.Sc. Tony Eteläinen tony.etelainen@helsinki.fi

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